Book Design Choices to Consider Before Printing

Anyone can argue that the meat of the book is the valuable content that the reader would be able to acquire from its contents. This could be the wisdom of

Career Paths in the Book Publishing Business

For people that love to read books and want to get a job in the business of book publishing, there are several jobs that you can get. There are jobs


Book Printing Information 101 – Part 2

Being a self-published writer or starting out as a book designer may require you to learn important book printing information. Aside from learning and appropriating essential jargon and concepts used


Book Printing Information 101 – Part 1

A great book starts with a unique and inspiring idea. The writing of the book – plotting its highlights and fleshing out the littles of details, will take a lot

Book Printers vs. Book Publishers – What’s the Difference

You may think that book publishing and book printing are almost identical, but they both have significant differences that you have to know about if you want to understand how

Traditional Publishing. The Good, Bad and Ugly

The rise of technology and the internet has provided aspiring writers, with new options to share their work with the world. Still, most new writers prefer traditional publishing to establish

The Organizational Structure of a Publishing House

A publishing company like anything else has a hierarchy in their organizational structure. This corporate structure includes departments and sections which perform specific responsibilities that collectively facilitate the whole process

What Audio Publishing Entails

Every audiobook company will usually become a partner of a publishing company. The big publishing companies typically have their own, while the small publishing companies will be more likely to

Starting A Publishing House Business – Part 3

The publishing companies focus primarily on physically printing books. However, recently, the shift is towards digital publishing.  Before you get started in digital publishing, it is important to self-reflect and

Starting A Publishing House Business – Part 2

Do you want to publish a book or wish to do it all by yourself?  With the technology and resources advancements, people can now publish, and if you are ready