Book Printers vs. Book Publishers – What’s the Difference

You may think that book publishing and book printing are almost identical, but they both have significant differences that you have to know about if you want to understand how they aren’t the same. Book publishers are the people who will own the rights to the intellectual property of the book, while the book printers are the people who print the books and bind them.

What Are The Differences Between Publishing And Printing?

The publisher will keep the rights to the books when they’re released, but the printer won’t have anything to do with the book after they finish printing it. This article will tell you more about them both.

What Does The Book Publisher Do?

The book publisher is the one who’ll own the rights of the books that they publish, which means they’ll be earning money from the books’ sales. The publisher receives the rights to the book from the author, and they’ll keep it, or if the book is self-published, then they will be already the owner of the rights of the book.

The publisher is the one who takes on the financial responsibility in regards to the books’ printing and marketing that they are responsible for publishing. However, a publisher doesn’t do it all for free. The publisher will be taking a significant portion of the sales of the book. The author still gets a part of their book’s sales in the form of a royalty payment.

The publisher also has different jobs that they are responsible for when it comes to the production of a book. These different jobs include:

Editing – The publisher may hire an editor to edit the original book and make it ready to be published. They’ll edit the book for writing style, length, plot consistency, and grammar.

Design – The publisher will be responsible for designing the layout of the book by picking the font and formatting the book. They’ll also create the cover of the book.

Legal – The publisher, having obtained the rights to the book, will get the book registered for an ISBN. They’ll get the contracts and legal documents that they need to protect the book from getting stolen and copied.

Marketing – The publisher will promote the book towards its target audience by having author appearances, using social media, and many different marketing methods.

Distribution and Storage – The publisher is responsible for keeping the books in storage and also distributing them to retail stores, libraries, or even directly to the customer if they order it.

What Does The Book Printer Do?

When it comes to book printing, either the author or publisher pay the book printer to print out the book. They may place an order for single or multiple books, but it depends on how much the printer is capable of printing.

When the book printer finishes the printing of the book, the customer will receive the book printed and bound in the way they specified. The publisher or author will keep the rights to the book.In conclusion, the printing of the book is only one part of the whole process of publishing a book. Publishing is a long process that takes multiple steps that will turn the original book into a book that you can buy and read anywhere at any time.