Career Paths in the Book Publishing Business

For people that love to read books and want to get a job in the business of book publishing, there are several jobs that you can get. There are jobs in marketing and sales to editorial and production. The jobs that you can pick will depend on what you want to do and what you can do. There are many jobs you can do that involves bringing written works to their audience. From when the written work starts to when it’s finished, it has to go through several experts before it ends publishing. So, if you want a job in publishing, here are a few posts you’ll surely be interested in for the future.

Book Editors

Book editors’ jobs are to find people who have talent in writing and helping them publish their books. They are the ones who search for written work to print. They will also assist by editing the written work they find and get it ready for being something that people will buy. Being a book editor requires you to have a grasp on how storytelling can be fantastic. So, if you’re a passionate book lover that loves good stories, then being a book editor could be the perfect job for you.


A publicist can find work in many different fields relating to media. But when it comes to book-publishing, publicists will most of the time be working for a publishing house. They’re responsible for helping the books get attention from the press that the publishing house puts out as well as the authors themselves. If you like to meet with various types of people, then being a publicist is something you might love doing. Publicists will work with agencies and authors directly while they pitch whatever book they’re responsible for while raising trust with media outlets, websites, and reviewers. Whenever the publishing house or author gets bad press, the publicist will have to work hard to control the damage and manage the crisis.

Production Editors

Production Editors
Production Editors

If you’re someone that wants to mix their passion for books with designs that shine with beauty, then you’ll be an excellent fit for a production editor. The role of a production editor is to make sure that the manuscript of the written works is edited well, appropriately designed, proofread thoroughly, and printed correctly. They must do this work on time and without having any delays. Production departments and authors will have a close relationship with each other. They have to be doing their best to ensure that the books will be published on time and that they look professional and polished.

Where to Start

Majority of the jobs you can get in the book publishing business needs you to be experienced for several years for you to be most successful and productive. You have to be willing to work hard and be determined. You shouldn’t expect to start in a high position but expect to start as an intern or assistant. You have to be able to face doing mere grunt work as a beginner. If you learn the ways publishing works, then you’ll be able to choose the perfect job for you.