What Audio Publishing Entails

Every audiobook company will usually become a partner of a publishing company. The big publishing companies typically have their own, while the small publishing companies will be more likely to outsource the audiobook department of their business, which could be the gap your company could fill. To those looking to start an audiobook business that isn’t bound to any specific publisher, then books you find in the public domain are what you should be looking for.

Establishing a Partnership

Attempting to directly team up with the authors to make audiobook versions of their books may prove to be difficult, as the publisher or agent of the author is usually the one handling the publishing rights. If you want to have a large selection of titles while not having to worry about messing with someone’s publishing rights, try to partner up with a small publisher and provide them with their audiobooks. If you want to get in a contract with a big publisher, you need to prove to them that you are reputable enough, so you need to have a professional website for your business. Put some of your recordings of excerpts of books on the site as a portfolio. There are three ways of payments: you could ask for a flat price for each audiobook you make, royalties from the audiobooks’ sales or the two of them combined.

Searching For A Voice

Searching For A Voice
Searching For A Voice

One of the essential parts of an audiobook is the narrator. You need separate narrators for fiction and non-fiction audiobooks. For fiction audiobooks, you’ll need someone who has a voice with a wide range, and they can embody the characters from the book. With non-fiction audiobooks, you’ll need someone with a clear voice, and they can use their voice to show the different feelings of the book.  You can find voice actors if you check performing arts agencies. To check the potential of your voice actors, you can hold auditions in a public place or your studio at home. When you pick a voice actor, you can pay them a flat price per project, or an hourly rate.

Locate A Place To Work

It is expensive to rent or lease, but an audiobook business’s recommended location is a recording studio. A cheaper way is to rent an office space inside a quiet building where you don’t have many neighbors. You can talk to your landlord about how you need no noise, and they might find a location that suits you.

Your Hardware And Software

You won’t need much equipment when you’re starting your own audiobook business. A computer with software for recording and editing as well as a microphone are all you’ll need. It is preferred to use a headset with a microphone, so you have comfort and clarity, and the ability to read the script easily.

Getting Your Name Out There

You won’t have to promote your audiobooks if you collaborate with a publishing company since they’ll handle most of the promoting. Promoting your audiobooks through social media will help quite a bit. You can either use Facebook or Twitter to boost your sales and reach.